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Patient Portal

The Patient Portal provides multi-functionalities for patients, establishing a professional online presence. The portal is integrated with our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to provide a set of pre-defined functionalities for registered patients. These functions not only empower the patient with information available any time of the day, but allow patients to:

     • Check appointment schedules
     • Requests an appointment
     • Check lab results
     • Examine statements
     • Request a prescription refill
     • Complete new patient intake forms

Our Patient Portal utilizes SSL encryption to ensure security, confidential viewing and submission of information. Data is exchanged in a HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant and secure manner. Each patient is given a secure username and password to enter the portal.

New Portal Registration

If you are an established patient, and want to request a new account on patient portal please contact our office. Upon completion, you will receive an email with your account information and next steps for you to follow.


You will be entering a secure area and acknowledge that your account information will be displayed on your computer screen. Please note that we recognize our obligation to keep your personal information confidential and private.

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