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Prescription Medication Refill Request

Prescription medication are an important aspect of patient care. We ask that you carefully follow all instructions and asks questions you may have. It is recommended to bring either your medication(s) or a current medication list to each office visit so that the physician may review this with you. Please request for prescription refill when you have at least 7 days of the medication remaining. If you have any concerns whether or not to continue a medication that has no more refills, you need to contact our office for information.


Prescription refills should be requested through your pharmacy. Your pharmacy will fax us the refill request to our dedicated fax line 979-921-0585. Make sure your name, date of birth, your phone number and the name and telephone number of your pharmacy is provided. Please allow up to 48 hours for your prescription to be processed. Prior authorizations may take longer depending on your insurance company. Prescription refill requests are done during regular business hours Mondays through Fridays 8:30AM to 5:30PM.

Patient Portal

You may also log in to the Patient Portal to submit your prescription refill requests. Please contact our office to set up a login account if you do not have one.

Calling our office

When calling in a prescription refill request, please have the following information ready:

   • Patient's full name and DOB
   • Phone number
   • Medication name
   • Medication strength
   • How often medication is taken

After your refill request has been received and review, Dr. Le will decide whether or not to refill your medication. If it has been a while since you have been seen, your provider may wish to have you be seen before prescribing more medication.

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